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by Alex on January 28, 2011


Adventure Pilots

did it!

We have successfully the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean in a  appropriately named, “Charlie Banana”.  My expectations were slightly different, but traveling wouldn’t have the same appeal of excitement if everything went according to


.  When I first started to tell my friends and family about the trip many of them thought we simply were out to while others thought we had a Skateboard shop window with jaguar and death wish on one board.  In all honesty, this adventure is much more than that.  I am a , just as Patrick and Aaron are the same.  This adventure was about getting outside our comfort zones, having new experiences, and  .
A few of you might have thought we hit the Lottery Sign to be able to afford this trip.  If that were true, I would have bought a house in Costa Rica while I was there.  The trip was actually more affordable than you might think.  Once we have reviewed all of our trip we will be posting our trip cost and breakdown!

We will continue posting about this adventure and our adventures to come so make sure to check back with us.  You can now subscribe to site if you want email reminders about changes on our site.  If you would like to reserve a DVD or coffee table book of our trip click here.

We hope to have met one of our major goals- To inspire others to chase their dreams and have their own adventures.  Anything is possible and your reality is what you make it, so get out and have a blast!

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Dominic January 31, 2011 at 2:55 am

Nice. I like it.


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