by Aaron on December 28, 2010

As anticipated, we knew entering Mexico we would encounter some general Customs fun. We landed in Veracruz hoping we would be able to offer up our smiles, charm, and passports and be on our way. No such luck.

The customs official told me in Spanish that she needed us to bring ALL of our bags out of the plane and through customs.

We’ve got enough gear for a small army in Charlie Banana so we weren’t looking forward to this. I asked the nearest Army soldier with a automatic weapon if the customs official really wanted us to get all of our bags off the plane.  Kind of like a kid asking Dad after Mom has said no.

After some broken Spanish exchanges it appeared that this was indeed the case. We unloaded Charlie Banana and went through customs. After jumping through more than a few hoops, paying several fees, and watching one official sprint toward the plane because we almost left without paying the $7 landing fee we were on our way.

Aside from the red tape and expected confusion the customs officers were all nice enough really.

They did make out with our cherished Elk jerky and Buffalo sticks though. This occurred while I was still unloading Charlie Banana.  Apparently Patrick and Alex were inside at Customs defending the jerky’s honor.  They first tried to eat them in front of the customs officers, then tried to ensure they at least someone would eat them.  Ultimately their fate is unknown.  We were told they needed to be “destroyed”.

Mom, see below for a tribute to those snacks.

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Edie Stahl December 31, 2010 at 10:15 pm

I hate that my snack efforts were for naught BUT the personal video communication is AWESOME! Seeing yours and Alex’s smiling faces makes it all okay. I loved that!!!!!
Momma Stahl


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