by Alex on December 16, 2010

About four or five months ago, I was writing down my dreams and aspirations to see what it would take to fulfill those goals.  One of those dreams was to travel internationally, experience different cultures, and take amazing photographs along the way.  That very day I got a call from Patrick, and, believe it or not, he asked, “How would you like fly to S. America with me and do some video!  If that isn’t the Universe providing then I don’t know what is.  And now, in 11 days, we will be leaving for the most epic adventure of my life.

Me, an adventure pilot? No, not really, I won’t lie.  I’m not a pilot and as far as adventurous it depends on who you ask, but the other two guys are for sure.  Patrick and I have been friends for over 26 years and there is not another person on this earth that I would rather lead this trip.  I haven’t known Aaron for long, but with such similar interests I have a feeling we are going to travel and work well together.

I have been a photographer for nearly a decade and teaching photo classes and workshops at Bedford Camera and Video in Little Rock, AR for the past 4 years.  Taking the photos on this trip is going to be no problem.  Video on the other hand is fairly new to me, so I have been reading, learning, and practicing as much as possible.  The challenge intrigues me and it’s perfect because I’ve been talking about doing video for the past couple of years and now I’m forced to jump in head first.  Any suggestions on essential gear or techniques is greatly appreciated.

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