Mundane Entertainment

by Aaron on January 8, 2011

One of the best parts about traveling and seeing new places is how even the mundane can be entertaining.

Back when I was in college a buddy(Jeff) and I were working on a farm near Fayetteville doing manual labor in the Arkansas summer heat.

A week earlier Jeff had dropped off a friend of his in Yellowstone, Wyoming and was telling me how awesome it was out there.

We decided if we were gonna work like dogs and pick ticks off each other we should do it out West for the summer instead of business as usual in Arkansas.

3 days later we’d packed up and arrived in Big Sky, Montana for a summer of work on a guest ranch there.

We’d never been more excited to do some of the worst jobs in the world.  We coined a phrase for mundane activities while we were enjoying our summer in Montana.  Everything was better because we were in a new place.  We were in Montana.

It didn’t matter that I was a dishwasher emptying the grease trap every night.

I was a dishwasher emptying the grease trap in Montana!

When we had to go grocery shopping for ramen noodles and canned tuna because it was all we could afford it was cool because we were grocery shopping in Montana.

So two days ago when were in Panama and in desperate need of a shave(Patrick needed a haircut as well) it was more fun than usual, simply because we were getting a shave and a haircut in Panama!

We’d been looking for a barber shop for a few days now.  Our beards had gotten long enough where a razor really wasn’t going to work.

We had asked our taxi driver to recommend a restaurant to us and take us wherever it was because we were pretty hungry.  It worked like a charm.  We had the best meal of the trip at a genuine Panamanian restaurant and sure enough right across the street was a barber shop we’d been looking for.

We made our way over there and got the best straight razor shave we’d ever had(Patrick got his hair buzzed too).

This guy was meticulous and great at what he did.  We spent about an hour in there as he left no hair uncut.  There were your standard lost in translation moments as always.   Patrick ended up with a goatee by accident which he’s grown fond(oddly enough just like the barbers).

We all napped, relaxed, and enjoyed a dang good shave in Panama.

Before the shave and naps.


Catching up on sleep

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Emily @ The Pilot's Wife January 8, 2011 at 9:36 pm

This is hysterical!

I showed Miles these pics and he said, “It’s Awen and Daddy! hahaha Daddy” He just keeps pointing and giggling at “funny Daddy!” and “Wha happen Daddy’s face?”

And he was a little concerned about you in that last one until I told him you were sleeping, “Aww, Daddy seepin’! Shh…”



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