QuadCopter Fun

by Aaron on December 17, 2010

I drove up to Independence, KS yesterday to Emily and Patrick’s home to finalize some of our trip planning and to bust out the newest tool(read toy) in our photographing arsenal.

A few months ago, while in the initial stages of our trip, I stumbled on to some awesome aerial footage on YouTube taken with something called a QuadCopter. I sent it excitedly to Patrick who did some digging and found out exactly what it was and what it did.

After staring at more footage for what seemed like hours I decided that this thing was an absolute must for the trip.

The QuadCopter(MikroKopter version) is a gyro stabilized flying machine with 4 propellers that is capable of flying GPS waypoints, holding altitude and position on cue, and taking amazing pictures and footage.

I found someone on the MikroKopter forum to build one for me(much thanks Craig) because computer programming and soldering are way above my pay grade. The complexity of these machines will really blow your mind.

3 months and several crashes later I’m beginning to get my Master’s in all things remote controlled aviation.

We’re hoping to capture some awesome still photos and with a little practice and luck some great video as well.

Below are a couple pics taking from it during the trip to Independence featuring Charlie Banana and Patrick’s Pitts.

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