The Arrival of Charlie Banana

by Patrick on November 26, 2010

Last Friday N2249C “Charlie Banana” arrived!  Charlie is a 1953 Cessna 180 and is our plane of choice for our adventure.  We purchased the airplane from a good friend and aerobatic mentor of mine, Wayne Handley.  Charlie Banana has been a faithful servant for Wayne for many years and we are very excited to get to take her on our adventure.

Wayne flew from Pine Mountain Lake, California to Kansas with no problems.  However, on my first flight I managed to blow the tail-wheel.  I wanted to get Wayne to check me out in the airplane so we decided to fly to Beaumont, KS for lunch.  Unfortunately, I managed to pick-up a nail at lunch and the tail-wheel went completely flat.  We flew home with a flat tail-wheel and had to be tugged back to the hanger.  I hope this is not an omen.I ordered two new tires and tubes just in case this happens again in a less convenient place.  The pre-trip planning is moving into high-gear this week.  The airplane is going to get a complete inspection, and we will be installing the Selkirk extended baggage modification along with moving the battery to the firewall.  Stay tuned as we will keep you updated throughout the inspection and trip planning process.

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