Trip from Start to Finish

December 2010

The Caribbean Circle by Air Departing Dec. 26th Dec 15th by Patrick

Trip Planning

The Arrival of Charlie Banana

Destiny? Dec. 16th by Alex

Aircraft Upgrades and Modifications Dec. 17th by Patrick

QuadCopter Fun Dec 17th by Aaron

The Origins of Adventure Dec 17th by Aaron

Last Minute Surprise! Dec. 22nd by Patrick

Aircraft Tool Kit Dec. 26rd by Patrick

Excitement Insomnia Dec. 26th by Aaron

Gear Shakedown Dec. 26th by Patrick

My First Flight!…the Adventure begins Dec. 27th by Alex

Living the Dream Dec. 28th by Alex

Mexico from North to South Dec. 28th by Patrick

A taste of our gallery to come(pics) Dec. 28th by Alex

Flip flops Finally Dec. 28th by Aaron

Customs fun Dec. 28th by Aaron

Enroute over Guatemala Dec. 28th by Aaron

Some pictures thus far Dec. 29th by Alex

5 Countries-1 Flight Dec. 29th by Aaron

Crazy Winds Dec. 29th by Patrick

January 2011

A good Bushmaster’s a dead one Jan. 1st by Aaron

Rio Pacuare Video Jan. 1st by Patrick

New Year’s Eve Randomness Jan 1st by Aaron

Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep in 2011 Jan 1st by Alex

Cool landing by Patrick

Wind Shear Wind Shear Jan. 5th by Patrick

Catching up-Panama City Jan. 5th by Aaron

Panama City Jan. 7th by Patrick

Mundane Entertainment Aaron

Expecting the Unexpected Aaron

The Darien Gap Aaron

More Customs Fun Aaron

Just a Few(pics that is) Alex

Landing in Aruba Patrick

Traveling Privado Style Patrick

The Islands Man Aaron Jan. 12th(end of trip)

Warm Photos Alex

A picture is worth a thousand words Alex

Trip Costs

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